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A life master is, quite simply, one who has discovered/designed and followed the road to life mastery to the point of being able to manage himself and his life in such a way that he/she can create all he/she wants, of value, in life - with complete freedom from worry and anxiety, knowing/trusting he/she will create the life he/she wants.  He/she initially had to find and follow some of the initial paths put together by masters, until he/she decides to and is able to design his/her own subsequent path. There are plenty of paths to follow (see The Paths).  

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1. Healthy physically - With great energy, no addictions or out of balances

2. Healthy mentally and psychologically - The core #1 job in life

          A master of the mind and thoughts, plus able to orchestrate the good chemicals
          from action-causes in the real world, not just in the "metaphysical" (mental) 
          world.  He is totally free from disempowering thoughts.  He is a master of 
          healthy beliefs and of emotions.

3.  A master of time and "Life Value" productivity - 

         He decides what is the best use of his time, in terms of impact   
         on his happiness (which includes his effect on those whom he cares about).
         He has a strong sense of time, without feeling behind or that things should go                faster than they go, and he has no unrealistic heroic expectations
         He has enough time for everything that is of high impact and is never rushed. 

4.  One who develops mastery over anything he chooses in life and who chooses only what is of the highest impact on his life happiness, completing and never "stopping short"

5   Has mastered "thinking".  He is a master of decision and of problem solving
          He leaves no problems unsolved, including not tolerating any bad habits. 
​          He is a master of systems (the sequencing and insertion of steps to get results.

6.  Has mastered "learning" 

7.  His/her word is law in his/her world - he/she has mastered self control
         He/she has chosen to be in-charge of life, not the victim of anything, including 
              not being the victim of his body nor his life. 
         He is a master of habits and the wisdom therein.  His life is virtually effortless 
              and it is without "resistance".

8.  He/she is specific, clear, and fully decided, not vague or contingently decided.

9.  He has totally mastered his life philosophy and way of thinking 

10.  He is completely compassionate, both to himself and others.  He fully lives the  
       No Fault life.

A master is able to "connect the dots", after, of course, having learned how to do that. He leaves no holes or missings in the processes for getting results (measured in terms of "life value").  

He has no fears that are self made.  He has no doubts, though he does know reality and its limits and doesn't believe in impossible criteria for what he should be able to do.  He has unshakable (and realistic) confidence

He needs no approval from others and is immune from opinions, as he has fully decided and defined who he is.  

He is a man of the highest values, not moralistically but ethically, in terms of results caused.  He does not value the valueless or impulses as being indicators of anything to consider.  He is in charge and does not allow impulses, whim, or any lower primitive mind "demands" to rule.  

He has looked ahead in life and in each day to assure that he's anticipated and inserted into the days what is necessary to achieve a great day and life.  He has clearly decided well ahead of time what he will do and does not allow a lower state of mind to re-decide or to wonder.  The lower primitive mind is kept in its place and managed well, with a conversation with it that is very healthy along with any training needed.  


While there will be additions over time, you would go to The Paths to select your path.
To be a true master you will want to go further than others would.   You can follow several of the shorter (but not short) paths or you can jump into The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life, which takes over 100 hours (depending on how many good, more in depth links you follow.


Someone who is able to cause the results one wants in life, a person who is At Cause In The Matter Of Life (and no longer even partially a victim of life).  As such, the person is "fearless" and has freed up all of his/her power to live and enjoy life.

Defined by others as

"...somebody who knows the truth of beings and lives according to that truth." Source  

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