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Living life with ease, grace, fulfillment, wisdom, and enduring happiness.

The paths to mastery are all essentially the same. If you've started on the wrong path, then you simply must go back and fill in the missing pieces, as you construct your true path of life mastery.


We have a huge potential given to us at the start of life.  We can either use the great equipment we have to fully utilize that potential or we can live a smaller chunk of it.

As for me, I choose to follow the learning (and installing) path leading to my experiencing the highest level of life, fully alert, fully aware, fully savoring, and fully living it. where I am reaping the richness potential of life.  My first job in life is to become a master of life, and, as part of that, a true master of self, so that I will have the ability to very effectively produce true life value.

I choose to live as Cause In The Matter Of My Life, where I am at cause over it all!
I have laid out my criteria for who a life master is and what he does and is capable of:
What Is A Life Master? 


To become a master of life one must get on and stay on the road to mastery, for no one get to "wise" without having built in all the bricks.  The secret to getting somewhere in life is to design and/or find The Paths that are necessary and then patchwork them into an order to do them in.  The Principle Of The Path says that the most effective way to get anywhere or gain any result is to find and get on the right path that leads there - otherwise one is wandering around in life, not getting much of anywhere. If you fail to follow this principle you cannot possibly become a master of your life!

The Living Masterfully sites (listed in the navigation bar at the top) are designed to provide you with paths, and the means to go as deep as you wish, to living life at the very highest level.  It is best to start at the Main Site, which is the initial site that has grown to having over 2,000 pieces (from a page to many pages each), with links to screened resources and pieces, plus no cost video selections. 

Each path is designed to have you learn and do "what works" and not to do that which is wishful thinking or incomplete conceptual leaps of some sort.  Anyone can follow the paths, one step at a time, as each step is very doable and not just theoretical.  There are no great "willing it to be" or "thinking it into existence" type of things, as those don't work.

Of course, copying the paths of successful people is one of the most effective ways.  Look at the list (and links) in Do What Those Who Have Mastered Life Do.

It is "only complete paths with each doable 'step' included" that work best.  You cannot follow a path or have a system supporting you if there is a piece or a step missing - you will follow the law/principles in The Causal Chain piece and in Mastery Learning For Results - Not Allowing Cumulative Misunderstandings, Misknowing, And Missings.  It is my aim to provide you with the most complete and most doable paths for reaching the highest levels of your life (and at no cost for this service).

You do not have to wait until you finally become a "master of life" to reap the rewards, as life becomes better and better as you rise along the path to true life mastery.

Also, if you follow the paths designed for rapid effectiveness, you only need master about 80% of an area to be sufficiently competent, but the good news is that it takes only about 15% of the time one would otherwise expect to take (similar to The 80-20 Principle.)


Look around on the Main Site, read as per your interest (there are lots of guides to contents on a topic or subtopic plus a very good search engine), and consider which of The Paths you might want to follow to live at a higher level in one area of life and/or in all of life!!!!

Bon voyage on building and living your greatest life!



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